Facial Cupping


Facial cupping is a rejuvenation treatment that has been used around the world. Women in Asia, Russia and Europe have been utilizing facial cupping for facial rejuvenation and youth maintenance for thousands of years; it was one of the secrets of the Geisha.

How it works

Specially crafted smooth rimmed glass cups are used to create a gentle vacuum which lifts the facial tissue and activates your lymphatic drainage system. While maintaining suction, these small cups glide over the skin to stimulate the release of collagen, which will assist in the reduction of lines and wrinkles, and at the same time draining fluids causing puffiness. The facial cupping treatments increase the circulation of blood in the skin which brings an increase of nutrients to the area so the skin’s appearance is healthy and glowing. Unlike body cupping, facial cupping does not leave marks or bruises on the face.

Recommended for

Facial cupping is a premium aesthetic treatment which helps to smooth out lines and wrinkles, lifts, reduces puffiness, aids in the elimination of acne issues and reduces acne scarring. Facial cupping evens out skin tone, which can relieve clients with rosacea, for example. There are many therapeutic benefits which include the ability to reduce and clear sinus infections, inflammation, and chronic allergies, elimination of stress in the forehead, jaw and chest which can manifest in pain, TMJ, headaches, migraines, and poor posture. Facial cupping is extremely relaxing and is a favourite treatment for stress relief.