Why Choose Evolve?

“Over the years, I tried many healing modalities for my chronic health issues—specialized Western medicine, naturopathic medicine, physiotherapy, Reiki, chiropractic care—and nothing seemed to help. I was referred to Jessica by a friend, and after only a few acupuncture treatments, I experienced pain relief that I had given up the hope of finding. Jessica is a compassionate listener and enormously knowledgeable. Her explanations of her treatments are thorough, and she offers additional holistic advice to support healing outside of a session. Her somatic treatments are profoundly healing. I always feel safe and supported in her presence, and I leave a treatment feeling grounded, cared for, healthy, relaxed, and whole. Jessica is the best acupuncturist! She is non-judgmental, open, wise, and kind, and just a truly wonderful human being.”
– Mikka

“As a middle-aged man with a demanding life and career, I realized a need to introduce self-care into my existence. While looking for options to foster an improved quality of life, I was urged by two family members to consider acupuncture and treatment with Jess. I am so happy that I did! In my pursuit to specifically increase peace of mind and mental clarity the care provided by Jess has been extremely effective. After just my first few appointments I noticed positive results and have found her to be highly effective in relating to what might be plaguing me. Jess brings her calm, humble, and welcoming personality to every appointment making new and existing clients very comfortable and informed. While doing so she prioritizes progress and positive outcomes from every treatment leaving you with results and a confidence in her abilities. I highly recommend embarking on a journey of improved self-care with Jess!”
– Jason

“I was recovering from surgery and had issues with my neck and back and overall aching and lethargy. After several sessions with Jessica having both acupuncture and some cupping my body generally felt looser and I had fewer aches. This also helped with my mental state, as I had been feeling quite down after the surgery due to the tiredness and aching I was feeling. One very notable area where I have felt tremendous improvement is in my hands. Jessica focused on them at one of our sessions and after a couple of days I felt so much improvement and continue to do so.”
– Christine

“Dr. Jessica McDonald has been friendly, compassionate, and professional making a difficult process easier. I started seeing her while experiencing on-going pain; it is my belief that without her assistance I would not be pain-free today. I have continued to see her for various other complaints. Dr. McDonald is always available to answer questions or concerns and is a true professional. I would strongly recommend Dr. McDonald to friends or family. She is an excellent acupuncturist that truly cares and goes above and beyond.
TRY IT! You will not be disappointed.”

– Gillian

My experience with Jessica has been a journey back to health. I had a variety of symptoms causing me to be feeling not well. Jessica’s diagnosis seems to be accurate and her treatments on point; I no longer feel low energy, tired, hot, sick. My symptoms also included emotional distresses that were seemingly challenging. The treatments Jessica administered over the months of working with her helped me to become calmer. I’ve been more able to deal with my emotions from a clear perspective. I would say Jessica has established a treatment to de-stress and to help regain health of those physical burdensome related to stress. Thanks Jessy!

– Andrea